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Ann Meyers

Awards And Accomplishments

Meyers left twelve college records when she graduated from University of California at Los Angeles, including third all-time career scorer, with 1,685 points. She led the school in career assists with 544 (5.6 average per game) and in steals with 403 (4.2 average per game). She was the only player at the school to post a quadruple double.
1971-73 Named high school MVP three years in succession
1974 Leads college team in scoring, rebounds, and assists; only freshman named to Kodak College All-American team
1975 Gold medal at the Pan American Games
1975-78 Becomes first player named to All-American Team for four years in succession
1976 Silver medal at the summer Olympics; gold medal at the Jones Cup
1976-78 Named college All-American
1977 Silver medal in the World University Games
1977-78 Named most valuable player by the Amateur Athletic Union
1977-79 Amateur Athletic Union All-American
1978 Won Broderick Cup; has college jersey, Number 15, retired at the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame
1979 Gold medal at the World Championship games; silver medal at the Pan American games; named most valuable player of the Women's Basketball League
1980-82 Takes the first place ($50,000 prize) in the American Broadcasting Company's Superstars competition
1993 Is enshrined as a player at the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame on May 10
1999 Is enshrined with the inaugural class at the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame

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