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Stan Mikita

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Online: www.stanmikita.com.

Where Is He Now?

After retiring from hockey, Mikita worked as a golf professional, and while he left that position in 1987, he continued to play the game. He also continued to run Stan Mikita Enterprises, a business that manufactured corrugated boxes, cartons, containers, and other packaging. Mikita maintained ties to hockey, working at his annual summer camp for hearing impaired hockey players and serving on the Selection Committee of the Hockey Hall of Fame as well as the board of directors of the Blackhawk Alumni board. In 1991, Mikita had a cameo role in the Mike Myers' comedy movie Wayne's World, which had featured the fictional Stan Mikita's Donuts. Mikita has also had some health problems, including surgery to fix an aneurysm in 2000 and a paralyzed vocal cord.

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