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Amanda Beard

Peaked Again

When Beard attended the 2000 Olympic trials, she no longer carried her lucky teddy bear. Instead, the sophomore-to-be from the University of Arizona showed up with two tattoos and a pierced tongue. Though considered a long shot, she made the team, finishing second in the 200 breaststroke. "I saw the '2' by my name," she told the Associated Press. "Take 1996 and times it by 100, and that's how I was feeling."

At the 2000 Olympics, Beard captured the bronze medal in the 200 breaststroke. Her teammate, Kristy Kowal, took the silver. "My coach told me, 'You're in eighth. All you can do is move up,'" Beard told Harris. "I decided to go out there and give it a shot. I went all out and told myself I've got to do it."

Beard then competed as the University of Arizona's top breaststroker, winning the NCAA 200-yard championship in 2001. Later that year she decided to accept endorsements, making her ineligible for collegiate swimming. Her 2002 achievements included first place in the 100- and 200-meter breaststrokes at the Pan Pacific Championships. That year, she broke the American record in the women's 200-meter breaststroke.

Beard plans to compete in the world championships in July, 2003, in Barcelona, Spain.

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