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Amanda Beard

Beard's Impact

Beard gambled at a young age, devoting herself exclusively to swimming, and it paid off in a successful career. "It's all great, but it's scary, too," her mother, Gayle Beard told Montville. "You have to put your trust in a lot of people, some of whom you really don't know very well."


1981 Born October 29 in Irvine, CA
early 1990s Swims with Colony Red Hots youth swim team
1994 Joins Irvine Novaquatics swim club; begins training seriously and competing nationally
1996 Wins two silver and one gold medal in Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA
1998 Drops in women's swimming rankings; retires briefly from professional swimming
1999-2003 Attends University of Arizona
2002 Breaks American record in 200m breaststroke

Even after stumbling in the late 1990s, Beard had earned enough respect within swimming that people were still pulling for her. "No matter how old you are, what size you are, it's the heart that matters," said Staciana Stitts, a 2000 Olympic teammate. "Amanda had a lot of heart in that (trial) race. She really wanted it."

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