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Art Monk

The Early Years

Born James Arthur Monk in White Plains, New York, on December 5, 1957, he learned early on the value of family and religion. "I really enjoyed my childhood," Monk told Sports Illustrated. "We didn't have a lot of money, but enough to be happy with - to be clothed and with a roof over our heads. I can never remember want or struggle. I mean, we never had a color TV but we had a car, and there was always food on the table." Raised by hard working parents, Monk's father, a welder, was also a first cousin of jazz great Thelonious Monk and as a child Art was encouraged to pursue music. His natural

Art Monk

ability was surpassed only by his passion for sports and in particular football. His high school football coach saw his potential despite a lack of production on the field and recommended him to visiting scouts. With good grades and the support of his coach, Monk won a full scholarship to Syracuse University.

During his first year at Syracuse, Monk struggled again on the field. "I couldn't catch a cold," Monk said of his freshman season at Syracuse. "I don't know why. It was just a disaster. I remember practices where they'd throw the ball to me and it would hit my hands and I couldn't catch it. I knew I was better than that. I got really depressed and down on myself. And I just made up my mind that this wasn't going to happen again." His determination, however, forced him to develop a strict training regiment that helped him become one of the best pass receivers in college football by his senior year. His play caught the attention of one of his childhood heroes, Washington Redskins' scout, Charley Taylor. To his surprise, Monk was drafted in the first round of the NFL draft by Washington, where he began a long and productive career.


1957 Born December 5 in White Plains, New York
1980 Drafted in the first round by the Washington Redskins
1982 Makes first Super Bowl appearance
1983 Makes second Super Bowl appearance
1984 Appears in first of three consecutive Pro Bowls
1987 Makes third Super Bowl appearance
1991 Makes fourth Super Bowl appearance
1992 Sets NFL career receptions record
1994 Signs with the New York Jets
1995 Signs with the Philadelphia Eagles
1996 Retires from football

Career Statistics

Yr Team Rec Yds Avg TD
NY: New York Jets; PHI: Philadelphia Eagles; WAS: Washington Redskins.
1980 WAS 58 797 13.7 3
1981 WAS 56 894 16.0 6
1982 WAS 35 447 12.8 1
1983 WAS 47 746 15.9 5
1984 WAS 106 1372 12.9 7
1985 WAS 91 1226 13.5 2
1986 WAS 73 1068 14.6 4
1987 WAS 38 483 12.7 6
1988 WAS 72 946 13.1 5
1989 WAS 86 1186 13.8 8
1990 WAS 68 770 11.3 5
1991 WAS 71 1049 14.8 8
1992 WAS 46 644 14.0 3
1993 WAS 41 398 9.7 2
1994 NY 46 581 12.6 3
1995 PHI 6 114 19.0 0
TOTAL 940 12721 13.5 68

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