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Archie Moore

Any Boy Can: The Archie Moore Story

In 1962 I hung up my gloves after a match with Cassius Clay, now known as Muhammad Ali. I knew long before this that Clay was going to be a great fighter, probably one of the greatest heavyweights of all time, but for a while it looked like he wouldn't have a chance to prove it.

The reason I fought him in 1962 was not because of me wanting to fight him or trying to prove something, you understand. After all, I was almost fifty years old at the time, and no man that age belongs in the same ring with a youngster in his prime, especially one who had Clay's great talent. I was just fighting him because I had some paper hung on me, in the vernacular of the ring. A promoter had hung a $25,000 check on me that bounced. I had to make it good, and my money was tied up in my house and so on, and I had to come up with ready cash, and the quickest way I could get cash was to fight Clay. So I boxed him. I felt that if I could put together all the things I had learned in my many years in the ring that I stood a good chance of beating him in spite of the age difference, but he was just too much.

A lot of times I've been asked how I thought I would have done against Clay when I was in my prime. Well, truly, the only way I can answer that is to say I don't honestly know. I always went into the ring feeling that I could beat my opponent, but it didn't always happen that way. One thing I can tell you for sure—it would have been an interesting and exciting fight.

Source: Archie Moore and Leonard B. Pearl. Any Boy Can: The Archie Moore Story, 1971.

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