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Joe Namath

Instant Celebrity

His first few years in New York were more notable for his antics than his play. Namath quickly became a fixture in New York's nightlife partying until the wee hours with Johnnie Walker Red and filtered cigarettes. His dalliances with numerous women were the talk of the town. He grew a Fu Manchu mustache, invested in a Manhattan club called Bachelors III and claimed that he'd "rather go to Vietnam than get married." Although his behavior may not have been so different than that of his peers, Namath was as unafraid in the public eye as he had been on the field which led to greater press coverage of his lifestyle. In contrast to old fashioned NFL superstars, such as Johnny Unitas, Namath's white shoes and unruly hair scared the establishment and foretold things to come. Throughout his thirteen year career, Namath would be seen with everyone from Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, to Raquel Welch and Elvis. "I used to drink with Sinatra and Dean Martin and Sammy Davis at Jilly's in New York," he'd remember years later. "Those guys were crazy. They stayed up all night. Every night. They didn't have anything to do in the morning. Didn't have to get up. Me, I had to go to practice. The good thing, though, was that the Jets practiced late. I didn't have to be there until noon. I could stay up pretty late and still get some sleep before practice started." At the age of twenty-six, he would title his autobiography I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow…'Cause I get Better Looking Everyday and would even make it onto President Richard Nixon's enemies list.

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