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Cam Neely Biography

"what Really Counts", Perseverance, Chronology, "if I Can't Play Again, So What?"SELECTED WRITINGS BY NEELY:


Canadian hockey player

Cam Neely, although forced into an early retirement by leg injuries, is widely recognized for the innovations

Cam Neely

he brought to the role of hockey forward. Neely was the prototypical "power forward," a class which also includes such players as the Detroit Red Wings' Brendan Shanahan and the Pittsburgh Penguins' Kevin Stevens. Power forwards are defined by their size and power, which give them an uncommon ability to drive through defensemen and get to the net. However, for many people Neely is most respected for aspects other than his skating: for his perseverance in the face of injuries and personal problems and for his work with cancer patients and their families.


(With Brian Tarcy) Hockey for Everybody: Cam Neely's Guide to the Red-Hot Game on Ice, Chandler House Press, 1998.

Sketch by Julia Bauder

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