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Paula Newby-Fraser

Contact Information

Address: c/o Multisports.com, P.O. Box 235150, Encinitas, CA 92023-5150. Fax: 760-943-7077. Phone: 760-635-1795. Online: www.multisports.com.

Awards and Accomplishments

1985 Wins South African Triathlon
1985 Third in Hawaii Ironman
1986 Wins Hawaii Ironman
1987 Third in Hawaii Ironman
1988 Wins Hawaii Ironman
1989 Wins Hawaii Ironman
1990 Women's Sports Foundation Professional Athlete of the Year
1991 Wins Hawaii Ironman
1992 Wins Hawaii Ironman
1993 Wins Hawaii Ironman
1994 Wins Hawaii Ironman
1996 Wins Hawaii Ironman
1996-2002 23 Ironman Triathlon Career Wins
1999 Triathlete Magazine's Greatest Triathlete in History

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