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Paula Newby-Fraser Biography

"competing Touched A Spark In Me", Becomes A Professional Triathlete, "running Is My Passion", ChronologySELECTED WRITINGS BY NEWBY-FRASER:


Zimbabwean triathlete

Paula Newby-Fraser is an eight-time Ironman Triathlon winner, and has won 23 Ironman Championships, more than twice the number won by the next-greatest triathlon champions, Mark Allen, Erin Baker, and Dave Scott. The Los Angeles Times and ABC's "Wide World of Sports" have hailed Newby-Fraser as "The Greatest All-Around Female Athlete in the World."

Paula Newby-Fraser


(With John M. Mora) Paula Newby-Fraser's Peak Fitness for Women, Human Kinetics, 1995.

Sketch by Kelly Winters

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