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Apolo Anton Ohno


Ohno was a favorite going into the 1998 Olympic trials, but he finished sixteenth-last-at that competition and nearly quit skating. Yuki drove him up into the mountains near Seattle and left him alone in a secluded cabin for a week to consider what he wanted to do. One day he was running in the pouring rain for his third workout of the day. "I had a hole in my shoe and I was getting a huge blister and I was just so tired. I stopped and sat on a rock on the side of the road," he told Lynn Zinser of the Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service. He sat and thought and "realized that if I really desired to keep speedskating that I would keep running. I got back up and kept running." Ohno reclaimed his national title the next year.


1982 Born May 22 in Seattle, Washington
1983 Ohno's parents separate
1994 Begins skating after seeing on television short-track skating at the Lillehammer Olympics
1996 Begins training at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, New York
1997 Becomes the youngest U.S. short-track champion ever
1998 Finishes last at the U.S. Olympic trials
2002 Featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated
2002 Named one of the 50 most beautiful people of 2002 by People Weekly

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