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Lisa Olson - Higher Standard

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Higher Standard

Johnette Howard for Newsday stated, "One of the powerful things that came out of Lisa Olson's case was that teams and leagues have said adamantly that they won't tolerate that kind of behavior … before that, I think women thought ritual hazing was part of the job they had to get through." Olson agrees, stating, "Things have changed dramatically since I was new on the Patriots' beat."


1964 Born
1986 Approaches Bob Sales with the Boston Herald for a job
1987 Begins covering scholastic sports
1988 Begins covering the Boston Bruins hockey team
1990 Covers Superbowl
1990 Begins covering the New England Patriots
1990 Confronted by several players in locker room
1991 Files suit against the Patriots, Kiam, Pat Sullivan, Jimmy Oldham, Mowatt, Perryman and Timpson
1991 Moves to Sydney, Australia to work for the Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning News
1997 Returns to the United States to work for New York Daily News

Nine years later Olson is back in the States reporting for the New York Daily News. In her column she relays that she has received disgusting hate mail since her return, but will not back down from the job she loves. Olson explains why women continue in the field of sports journalism saying, "we do it because we love writing and producing and filming and talking sports." Many people have tried to come up with solutions to this prominent problem as more and more women enter the field. "Reporters wish the athletes would keep their uniforms on long enough to be interviewed, and that would eliminate all problems," said Holli Armstrong for the University Wire. Olson has no problem doing her job in the professional manner in which she has always conducted herself.

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