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Jesse Owens


1913 Born September 12 in Danville, Alabama to Henry and Mary Owens
1922 Owens family moves to Cleveland, Ohio
1928 Sets two world junior-high school records in high jump and long jump
1930 Sets high school records in long jump, 100-yard dash, and 200-yard dash
1933 Leads East Technical High School to National Interscholastic Championship
1933 Enters Ohio State University on track-and-field scholarship
1935 Marries Minnie Ruth Solomon
1935 Sets five meet records at the Big Ten Track and Field Championship
1936 Wins four Gold Medals at the Berlin Olympics
1936 Ends amateur athletic career
1943 Works in personnel department of Ford Motor Company
1946 Opens public relations firm in Chicago
1953 Receives appointment to Illinois State Athletic Commission
1965 Receives conviction for income tax evasion.
1968 Criticizes African-American athletes at Mexico City Olympic Games for giving "Black Power" salute on awards stand
1974 Induction into the USA Track and Field Hall of Fame
1976 Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom
1980 Dies in Tucson, Arizona on March 31
1983 Induction into the US Olympic Committee Hall of Fame

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