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Myriam Bedard

Introduced To Biathlon

When Bedard was 14 years old, she joined the Canadian Army cadets with a group of friends. It was there that she learned to shoot. She put this skill to work in 1985 when she was asked to be part of a mixed relay team race at the regional cadet winter games. Bedard was teamed with three men and played with borrowed equipment. Though she did not know how to cross-country ski, her shooting skills were superior. Her team won the race, and Bedard found a new sport.

Although Bedard's parents did not support her at first, she could compete because the cadets provided equipment while she was part of the group. In 1986, she used her own money so she could compete in the sport without the cadets. Bedard's first order of business was learning to ski. Though it was initially difficult, she joined a cross-country ski club and loved it. She told Hal Quinn of Maclean's, "I love the challenge. While physically demanding, it is such a mental sport. You must study each course and plan every part of the race ahead of time." Bedard proved to have much natural ability, though this did not guarantee success as a biathlete. Winning a biathlon is unpredictable because it depends on the weather and how the athlete feels on that day, both mentally and physically.

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