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Myriam Bedard

Won Olympic Gold

At the 1994 Olympics, Bedard finally fulfilled her promise, winning gold medals in both the 15-km race and in the 7.5-km event. This marked the first time a Canadian woman won two gold medals at the Winter Olympics. Bedard's second gold, in the 7.5-km event, was even won on two different skis. After the Olympics, she competed in the World Cup, winning silver in the 15-km event.

In the spring of 1994, Bedard received some bad news when her two-year deal with Metropolitan Life expired without renewal. This happened because of a rift between the company and her agent, Jean-Marc St. Pierre. Still, Bedard was named the Canadian Female Athlete of the Year. She also married Jean Paquet in the spring, and gave birth to her daughter, Maude, in December.

The birth of her child only slowed Bedard down temporarily. She found another sponsorship deal, a three-year pact with Canadian National Railways. Bedard also had other, smaller endorsement deals as well. She trained to be ready for some events in March during the 1995 biathlon season, but did not do well.

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