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Gaylord Perry


1938 Born September 15 in Williamston, North Carolina
1958 Drafted by San Francisco Giants
1962 Played three games in the Major Leagues
1963 Batting-practice and game pitcher, San Francisco Giants
1964 Pitched in famous 23-inning game against New York Mets
1971 Traded to Cleveland Indians
1974 Traded to Texas Rangers
1978 Traded to San Diego Padres
1979 Traded back to Texas Rangers
1980 Traded to New York Yankees
1980 Became a free-agent, signed with Atlanta Braves
1982 Signed with Seattle Mariners
1982 Ejected from a game for doctoring the ball
1983 Played for Kansas City Royals
1983 Ended Major League playing career
1986 Filed for bankruptcy protection after farm fails

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