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Duane Peters

Fronts '90s Punk Bands

In 1994 Peters formed his punk band, the U.S. Bombs, with guitarists Kerry Martinez and Chuck Briggs, bassist Wade Walston, and drummer Chip Hanna. Signing with Alive records in 1996, the group released its first album, Garibaldi Guard. In his husky voice, Peters barked out angry lyrics he had penned himself; many of his songs conveyed defiant political and social messages. As a concert performer, Peters became known for his highly physical onstage manner. Fusing his skateboarding style with his musical performance, he would pull stunts and turn flips, often deliberately abusing his body.


1961 Born in Anaheim, California
1975 Drops out of high school as a ninth-grader; discovers underground skateboarding culture
late 1970s Invents own skateboarding tricks; begins earning money performing at skate shows
1978 Discovers punk rock music
1980s Sings vocals in punk bands; performs in skateboarding competitions
1994 Forms punk band the U.S. Bombs
late 1990s Launches recording label Disaster Records
1999 Forms punk band Duane Peters & the Hunns

After five years with the U.S. Bombs, Peters put the band on hold to form a new group, Duane Peters & the Hunns (later known simply as The Hunns). This punk-rock quintet released its first album, Unite, in June 2000 on Disaster Records, a recording label that Peters had co-founded with independent record executive Patrick Boissel. The same year, he announced his engagement to longtime girlfriend Trisha Maple. The couple did not marry, however; by 2002 Peters had a new squeeze, Hunns bassist Corey Parks.

Peters lives in Huntington Beach, California, and continues to perform with his two punk bands, the U.S. Bombs and The Hunns. In January 2002 The Hunns released a third album, Wayward Bantams, on Peters' recording label Disaster Records. With his record company, he has assembled a roster of punk bands, such as the Crowd, Smogtown, and the Pushers. Peters also continues to participate in professional skating competitions, pulling such stunts as lay-back roll-outs, sweepers, and tail-slide reverts. "I feel good about being 40," he told OC Weekly in June 2001. "I'm still skating better than most 25-year-olds. I still look alive onstage. I don't see me slowing down. I'm just trying to get wiser."

Awards and Accomplishments

1977 Featured in Skateboarder magazine
late 1970s Featured on television show That's Incredible!

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