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Mike Piazza

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American baseball player

Although many people once believed that Mike Piazza was only in the big leagues due to his connection with Tommy Lasorda, he has certainly proven them wrong throughout his career. He has made a name for

Mike Piazza

himself in baseball with his remarkable batting, and has made an impact on the world, using his celebrity status. Baseball did not come easy for him, but he has always loved the game so much, he was willing to pay any price to get to the major leagues. He is known for his hot temper when it comes to his performance, but also has a reputation for his compassion and laid back attitude off the field. Although he has had a handful of altercations with other players, most players express only admiration for him and his ability on the field.


Address: Mike Piazza, c/o New York Mets, 12301 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing, NY 11368.

Sketch by Barbra J Smerz

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