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Scottie Pippen


1965 Born September 25 in Hamburg, Arkansas
1983 Begins stint as team manager and point guard while student at University of Central Arkansas
1987 Drafted fifth overall by Seattle SuperSonics and immediately traded to Chicago Bulls
1988 Moves to starting lineup of Bulls in point forward position
1990 Divorces first wife Karen McCollum after two-year marriage
1991 Named to first of many NBA All-Star teams
1992 Member of U.S. Olympic Basketball "Dream Team" in Barcelona, Spain
1993 Breaks string of consecutive games with suspension for throwing a punch at an opposing player
1993 Takes on-court leadership role of Bulls after Jordan temporarily retires
1994 Refuses to play final 1.8 seconds of Game 3 against New York Knicks in Eastern Conference semifinals
1995 Ordered by court to pay model Sonya Roby $10,000 for maternity costs involved in bearing his twin daughters in 1994
1995 Arrested on charge of domestic battery filed against him by ex-fiancee Yvette DeLeone
1996 Member of gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic basketball team in Atlanta, Georgia
1996 Earns $7 million in product endorsements with Ameritech, Frito Lay, Ginsana, Mazda, Nike, and others
1997 Wins fourth national basketball championship with Chicago Bulls
1997 Lands role on NBC Wednesday-night sitcom Chicago Sons
1997 Marries second wife, a former model
1997 Undergoes surgery to correct a sports-related injury to his left foot
1998 Signs 5-year contract for $67.2 million with Houston Rockets
1999 Charged with misdemeanor DWI in Harris county, Texas and released after posting $500 bail
1999 Traded to Portland Trailblazers
2002 Finishes college degree in kinesiology begun in 1983

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