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Wesley Branch Rickey Biography

Raised On A Farm, Tentative Steps In The Big Leagues, Becomes Major League Executive, Develops Farm SystemSELECTED WRITINGS BY RICKEY:


American baseball executive

The names Rickey and Robinson will always be linked in the annals of sport because of their respective roles in breaking major league baseball's "color line," a seminal event which is regarded as having had a monumental effect — perhaps most of all symbolically, but also in a practical sense — on the Civil Rights movement. Wesley Branch Rickey's determination, in the face of opposition from other baseball owners, to sign a black player and desegregate professional baseball; his recruitment and signing of Jackie Robinson; and his orchestration of Robinson's debut in the major leagues opened the door for blacks in baseball and helped change the course of American history.


(With Robert Riger) The American Diamond: A Documentary of the Game of Baseball, Simon & Schuster, 1965.

Sketch by Roger W. Smith

Awards and Accomplishments

1967 Elected to National Baseball Hall of Fame

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