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Albert Belle Biography

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American baseball player

Albert Belle, known for his outstanding power as a hitter, is also one of baseball's most enigmatic characters. S.L. Price, writing in Sports Illustrated,

Albert Belle

called Belle "the game's most dependable and unpredictable talent." While Belle's talent is undeniable—his career batting average is .295—he is known for his quick temper and his impatience with both the media and his many fans. Belle's hot-headedness is speculated to have been the source of his drive in the game, but that same quality cost him numerous suspensions and his chance at the Most Valuable Player Award.


Address: Albert Belle, Baltimore Orioles, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, 333 West Camden St., Baltimore, MD 21201. Phone: (410) 685-9800.

Sketch by Christine M. Kelley

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