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Johnny Bench Biography

Growing Up, Drives The "big Red Machine", Chronology, Matures As Player, Awards And AccomplishmentsCONTACT INFORMATION


American baseball player

The name Johnny Bench is synonymous with baseball catcher. When Bench came on the Major League Baseball scene in 1968 with the Cincinnati Reds, he became

Johnny Bench

the first catcher ever to win the National League Rookie of the Year award by showing fans what a good catcher can be both behind the plate and at bat. With his keen eyesight, strong throwing arm, great agility, and savvy working relationship with pitchers, Bench was a defensive force who set records for playing a hundred or more games in thirteen consecutive seasons. Although he developed new catching and throwing postures that made him very effective and helped prevent injury, he still played with injuries to his feet, hands, and back. On the other side of the plate, cleanup hitter Bench could muscle the ball into the outfield and over the fence. Bench finished his career with a then record (for a catcher) 389 home runs. All told, Bench was a pivotal cog in the workings of what became known as Cincinnati's Big Red Machine.


Address: Johnny Bench, P.O. Box 5377, Cincinnati, OH 45201.

Sketch by Jeanne Lesinski

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