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Arantxa Sanchez Vicario Biography

Professional At Fourteen, Stuns Graf, A Decade Of Winning, Chronology, Awards And AccomplishmentsCONTACT INFORMATION, SELECTED WRITINGS BY SANCHEZ VICARIO:


Spanish tennis player

Arantxa Sanchez Vicario had the privilege and the misfortune of playing tennis during the reign of Steffi Graf and Monica Seles. Despite playing in their long shadows, Sanchez Vicario won the French Open three times and the U.S. Open once, as well as six Grand Slam doubles titles and four Grand Slam mixed doubles titles. Her peppy, expressive personality endeared her to fans as did her tenacious play. At just five-feet-six-inches and 123 pounds, she endured and often overcame the giant strokes of her larger, stronger opponents.


Address: c/o IMG, 1360 E. 9th Street, Ste. 100, Cleveland, Ohio 44114.


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Sketch by Kari Bethel

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