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Deion Sanders Biography

Born In Fort Myers, Florida, Drafted By Atlanta Falcons, Chronology, Leads Nfl In InterceptionsCONTACT INFORMATION, SELECTED WRITINGS BY SANDERS:


American football and baseball player

The only man in professional sports history to play in both the Super Bowl and World Series, Deion Sanders has been a top-ranked athlete since his high school years. Sanders credits sports with keeping him out of trouble as a teenager. Nicknamed "Prime Time" during high school, Sanders has probably received more prime-time sports coverage than any other athlete in recent years because of his involvement in both professional football and major league baseball. He played 12 seasons in the National Football League (NFL), including stints with the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco Giants, Dallas Cowboys, and Washington Redskins. In major league baseball, Sanders played for the New York Yankees in 1989 and 1990; the Atlanta Braves from 1991 through the first part of 1994; the Cincinnati Reds in the second part of 1994, the first part of 1995, and all of 1997 and 2001; and for the San Francisco Giants in the latter part of the 1995 season. After leaving football and baseball in 2001, Sanders joined CBS Sports as a feature reporter/contributor for the NFL Today television show, and the next year became a studio analyst.


Address: c/o CBS Sports, 666 Third Ave., 18th Fl., New York, NY 10017. Fax: (646) 487-2597. Phone: (646) 487-1000. Online: http://www.deion-sanders.com.


(With Jim Nelson Black) Power, Money, and Sex, Nashville, TN: Word Publishing, 1998.

Sketch by Don Amerman

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