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Summer Sanders

Loss Of Competitive Focus

After the Olympics were over, Sanders continued to attend Stanford. Although she did not swim with their team, she did train for competitive swimming. However, she could not match her 1992 numbers, and retired in January 1994. At the time, Sanders was burned out on swimming, did not enjoy going to the pool, and was not having fun. At the time, she told Michael Flam of the Associated Press, "I've always been a goal-setter and I've always wanted to prove something. So I think there's something else out there, some field that I can get into, some job that I'll love."

Sanders found her career in broadcasting. After the Olympics, she appeared as a guest star on her favorite soap opera, All My Children. After completing her degree, she became a co-host on MTV's game show Sandblast, and did commentary for swimming events, speaking engagements, swimming clinics, and product endorsements for Speedo and Power Bar.

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