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Terry Sawchuk Biography

Growing Up, Rookie Of The Year, Chronology, A Dark Temper, Sawchuk: The Troubles And Triumphs Of The World's Greatest Goalie


Canadian hockey player

He's been called the greatest goaltender in National Hockey League (NHL) history. He won the Stanley Cup four times, earned the Vezina Trophy for the year's best goalie four times, and his performance in a 1967 playoff game is still called the best display of goaltending ever. Goalies ever since have imitated the way he crouched in front of the goal. In a sport full of tough,

Terry Sawchuk

tenacious men who play hurt, his countless physical injuries and mental wounds still became legendary. Terry Sawchuk triumphed, faltered, raged, rebounded, and triumphed again, always in pain.

Sketch by Erick Trickey

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