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Max Schmeling

Buys Coca-cola Dealership

After the end of World War II, Schmeling fought a handful of fights in an effort to earn some much needed money. Some of those earnings were used in the 1950s to buy a Coca-Cola dealership in the Hamburg area, where he continues to live today.

Awards and Accomplishments

1924 Won first professional fight, knocking out Kurt Czapp on August 2
1926 German light heavyweight title
1927 European light heavyweight title
1928 German heavyweight title—defeated Franz Diener
1930 World heavyweight title—defeated Jack Sharkey
1936 Upset Joe Louis in match at Yankee Stadium
1938 Defeated by Louis in rematch at Yankee Stadium
1992 Inducted into International Boxing Hall of Fame

A successful businessman in Hamburg for decades, Schmeling also earned a well deserved reputation as a humanitarian, contributing to a wide variety of worthwhile causes. Asked how he would like to be remembered, Schmeling told a reporter: "I would not like to be remembered as someone who amounted to so much as an athlete but who was good for nothing as a person. I couldn't stand that." There's seems little chance that will happen.

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