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Senda Berenson Abbott - Chronology

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1868 Born March 19 in Biturmansk, Lithuania, to Albert and Julia Valvrojenski
1890 Enrolls in the Boston Normal School of Gymnastics
1892 Begins teaching physical training at Smith College
1892 Introduces basketball to female students at Smith College
1893 Organizes the first women's basketball match. Helps to organize Smith College's Gymnastics and Field Association
1895 Introduces fencing to Smith College
1897 Becomes the second American woman to attend the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics in Stockholm, Sweden
1899 Member of Women's Basketball Rules Committee, which writes rules for women playing basketball
1899 Chairs the American Association for the Advancement of Physical Education Committee on Basketball for Girls
1905 Chief organizer of the Basketball Committee for Women
1911 Marries Smith College English professor Herbert Vaughn Abbott
1911 Directs physical education at Mary A. Burnham School
1921 Retires from teaching and travels to Europe to study art and music
1929 Moves to Santa Barbara, California
1954 Dies on February 16 in Santa Barbara

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