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Teemu Selanne

Drafted By Winnipeg

Selanne's skills attracted the attention of the NHL. In 1988, he was drafted by the Winnipeg Jets as the tenth pick in the first round. However, the team had to wait for him. Selanne had to complete his required eleven-month commitment to the Finnish Army. There, he learned marksmanship and enjoyed the experience.

After finishing up his stint in the army, Selanne played for Jokerit, a club team in Helsinki. He also had another job. While playing for the team at night, he taught kindergarten during the day. Kids were also a focus in another way. Selanne went to a children's hospital for an event when he was eighteen years old, and moved by the experience, he founded the Godfathers Foundation, which raised money for sick kids. During this time period, when Selanne was nineteen, he broke his leg. During the year-long recovery period, he was worried about his future in the NHL.

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