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Monica Seles

Young And Professional

Seles chose to turn professional early in 1989. It was not too soon, as she won the second pro tournament she played in by defeating Chris Evert, who then came back to beat the 16-year-old later that year at the U.S. Open. But it was a phenomenal start to her career. While Steffi Graf dominated women's tennis, Seles earned her wings by playing in the majors. That first year, in addition to playing Evert in the U.S. Open, Seles reached the semifinals of the French Open but lost to the number one Graf in three sets. By the conclusion of the season she had earned a number six ranking. And her career was just beginning.

Her second year on tour didn't disappoint her fans—who were growing in number by the tournament. She won the Italian Open (defeating Martina Navratilova), then beat Graf in the German Open. Seles continued to chalk up victories, and for such a young star many wondered if she would get a Grand Slam sooner rather than later. They would not have to wait long. Seles picked up her first Grand Slam victory at the French Open, facing Graf yet again at Rolland Garros, but this time defeating her in two sets. Seles had become the youngest player to capture a Grand Slam final.

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