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Monica Seles Biography

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Yugoslav tennis player

With youth, personality and talent on her side, as well as a number one ranking and one of the game's most memorable grunts, Monica Seles put power into her shots and dominated tennis in the early nineties. But when a crazed fan at a German tournament attacked her in 1993, her subsequent two years away from the sport left many wondering if she would ever return; when she did return, people questioned if she'd ever come back to full form. She did, and in spite of several hardships that might have caused lesser players to leave the game altogether, Seles is back, and once again she has been ranked with the top players in the world. She finished the 2002 season with 589 wins, 116 losses, and 53 career singles titles, with 9 Grand Slam singles titles in her career.


Address: c/o Linda Dozoretz Communications, 8033 Sunset Blvd, Suite 6226, Los Angeles, CA 90046.


(With Nancy Ann Richardson) Monica: From Fear to Victory. Harper Collins, 1996.

Sketch by Eric Lagergren

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