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Gary Sheffield Biography

Fearless And Promising, Trouble Brewing, Homecoming, Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments, Starting Over


American baseball player

One of the most feared sluggers in baseball, Gary Sheffield has had a controversial, up-and-down career. The nephew of Dwight Gooden, the once overpowering pitcher of the New York Mets, he overcame an upbringing in a rough neighborhood in Tampa and became the top high school player in the nation. Frequently traded and often injured, Sheffield has been quick to criticize management wherever he has played. When healthy and

Gary Sheffield

happy, however, he is a consistent offensive force, combining a high batting average and on-base percentage with power. Sheffield, who at one time was the highest-paid player in the game, is a prime example of the modern baseball star: highly paid, self-protective, and more concerned about individual performance than team loyalty.

Sketch by Michael Betzold

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