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Annika Sorenstam

Becoming A Professional

Sorenstam played golf for the University of Arizona for two years, from 1990 until 1992. She was the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) champion in 1991, but after the 1992 college season she quit school to become a professional. Sorenstam joined the LPGA Tour in 1993, and by the end of the 1994 season she had finished in the top ten at LPGA events five times. She got her first victory ever on the tour in 1995, at the U.S. Women's Open, and after that she seemed to be unstoppable. By the end of the 1996 season Sorenstam had won four more tournaments, two Vare Trophies, and one Player of the Year award.

Sorenstam's dominance, however, was slowly being challenged by a phenomenal young Australian named Karrie Webb. Although Sorenstam continued to improve, Webb had a better seasonal scoring average than Sorenstam did in three years, was named player of the year twice, and won seven tournaments to Sorenstam's five in 2000. But Webb's presence actually encouraged Sorenstam to be a better player. "If Karrie wins five tournaments, it makes for tougher expectations and makes me think, 'What else do I have to do?' I really want to reach my goals and I have the extra desire now to play. I wake up every morning wanting to practice," she told Tom Spousta of Golf World early in 2001. Sorenstam concentrated particularly on improving her putting, but she also worked to increase her strength. As a result she added 15 yards to her drives.

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