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Casey Stengel

Shifting Ball Clubs

Over the next twenty-five years, Stengel moved from team to team, first as a player and then as a coach and manager. At the end of the 1923 season he was traded to the Boston Braves, then called the Bees, and played right field throughout 1924. During that year he married Edna Lawson, an accountant from Glendale, California, whom he had met at a baseball game. They made their home in Glendale and had no children. In 1925 Stengel retired as a player. In 1926 he began managing the Toledo Mud Hens, in the minor leagues. The team went bankrupt in 1931 and Stengel lost his job, but the Brooklyn Dodgers hired him as coach the same year. In 1934 he took over management of the Dodgers, but they fired Stengel during the World Series of 1936, with one year left on his contract. The blow was eased by a large farewell dinner given to him by the sportswriters, an indication of the broad popularity he had gained. According to Creamer, Giants coach Steve Owens remarked, "This must be the first time anyone was given a party for being fired."

In 1938 Stengel was named manager of the Boston Bees but was let go after six years, when the team never finished higher than fifth place. He became manager of the Milwaukee Brewers in 1944, but he left the team in 1945 and took over at Kansas City and then Oakland, California, from 1946 through 1948. At Oakland, Stengel had a chance to tutor the young Billy Martin, who would later play for him with the New York Yankees.

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