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Kerri Strug

Strug's Legacy

In the end, despite the fact that Strug successfully competed in international gymnastics competitions for years, she will most likely always be remembered for her heroic sacrifice at the end of the 1996 Olympics. The fact that this sacrifice was unnecessary for the win is irrelevant, as many commentators noted. It is what Strug's vault symbolized that is important. Before the vault, Strug was passed over by the media because she was never considered to be as tough as her competitors. Few in the gymnastics world, including Karolyi, ever expected that Strug would be a hero. When she defied all expectations and proved to herself, her teammates, her coach, and the world that she could be gutsy, too, she became a symbol of quiet strength and unexpected bravery. Her sacrifice gave hope to others—athletes and non-athletes alike—that they, too, could defy the odds and achieve their dreams, regardless of what anybody said.

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