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Ichiro Suzuki Biography

Born In Kasugai, Japan, Comes Into His Own In 1994, Mariners Seek Out Suzuki's ServicesCONTACT INFORMATION


Japanese baseball player

Ichiro Suzuki—already a bona fide hero in his native Japan—made a sensational debut in American baseball in the opening years of the 21st century. Suzuki, adjudged the best-known person in Japan—even better known than Emperor Akihito, who came in second—in a popularity poll during the 1990s, ended his first two seasons in Major League Baseball with a total of 450 hits, more than any other player in major league history. In his first two seasons with the Seattle Mariners, the outfielder compiled a batting average of .336 and in 2002 collected more votes than any other American League (AL) player in balloting for the All-Star Game. Even his opponents are full of praise for Suzuki's batting power. "There's no secret way to get him out," Boston Red Sox manager Grady Little told Sports Illustrated. "All you can do is concentrate on the other eight guys." After more than two years in the United States, Suzuki still speaks very little English, but it seems to have done nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of either baseball fans or the media. He remains wildly popular in Japan, where early morning television broadcasts each of his games, and his face is forever present on T-shirts, subway ads, and in the newspapers.

Ichiro Suzuki


Address: Ichiro Suzuki, c/o Seattle Mariners, SAFECO Field, 1250 1st Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98134.

Sketch by Don Amerman

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