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Ian Thorpe

Related Biography: Coach Doug Frost

Doug Frost is the owner of the Padstow Indoor Club, which he operates at his personal 25-meter indoor pool. He maintains a level three (highest) accreditation with the Australian Coaching Council and also with the Australian Swimming Federation (also level three).

In 1997 Frost joined the staff of Sutherland Aquatic Center outside of Sydney. That year he was named also to the staff of the Australian national team for the Pan Pacific Games. In 1998 he served on the national coaching staff for the World Championship Games. Frost maintains memberships on the board of the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association.

A forward-thinking, technology-driven sports professional, Frost was honored as the 1997 Australian Age Group Coach of the Year. In 2001 and 2002 he received back-to-back Coach of the Year honors.

It was at Padstow that Frost first had an opportunity to observe Thorpe in 1990. For the next twelve years he worked with Thorpe, initiating the swimmer into competition at age twelve. In 1996 Frost coached Thorpe to nine gold medals at the junior nationals. In 2002, after three Olympic gold medals and nearly a score of world records, Frost parted ways with Thorpe in what Thorpe described as an amicable split.

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