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Vladislav Tretiak

Talented Youth

Tretiak once said "talent without diligence is nothing." It is this attitude that was ever-present when he began his long journey into the world of hockey and the history books. Tretiak grew up with a father who was an airline pilot and a mother who was a physical education teacher for the Central Army Sports Club. Young Tretiak wanted to grow up to be a pilot like his father, but fate had a different plan for his life.

Tretiak began the steps towards his career in hockey when his mother first began to teach him to skate at a very young age. A few years later, at the age of 11, he began playing hockey as a forward for the Red Army Hockey School in Moscow. Later, he chose the position of goalie because he wanted a uniform and that was the only uniform left. It was this incident that changed Tretiak's life forever and brought him to a position where he truly shined.

Tretiak was very diligent in everything he did. He was quoted as saying, "I like to do my job best whatever I do," in an interview for the Sporting News. Because he felt he was not getting enough practice, as the Red Army played only two games a week, he began playing in any game he could find. He truly wanted to refine his game and knew the only way that was possible was through a great deal of practice. Those many hours of practice playing with other teams paid off, as at the age of twenty he was feared and revered by those in the world of hockey.


1952 Born April 25 in Dimitrov, Russia
1963 Competes in his first hockey game as a forward
1963 Changes to the position of goalie
1969 Joins the Central Red Army club
1970 Becomes starting goalie for Soviet National Team
1970 Debuts as a member of the Olympic Soviet Union hockey team
1972 Marries his wife, Tatiana
1972 Plays for Soviet Union in Summit Series
1972 Wins Olympic Ice Hockey Gold Medal
1973 Son, Dimka, is born
1974 Named best goaltender at World and European Championships
1976 Wins Olympic Ice Hockey Gold Medal
1977 Daughter, Irina is born
1977 Writes a book called "The Hockey I Love," which is translated to English
1978 Awarded the Order of Lenin for his service to the USSR
1980 Wins Olympic Ice Hockey Silver Medal
1983 Drafted by Canadiens, but is not allowed to leave Soviet Union
1984 Wins Olympic Ice Hockey Gold Medal
1984 At the Izvestia tournament, retires from the Soviet Union hockey team
1985 Retires from competition
1988 Works with Canadian Olympic Hockey team
1989 First player born in the Soviet Union to be Inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame
1990 Receives Canadian Society of New York Achievement Award for his contribution to the 1972 Canada-Russia Series
1990 Begins working as goaltending coach for the Chicago Blackhawks
1996 His Jersey, #20, is retired and raised to the rafters of the Moscow Ice Palace
1998 Wins Olympic Silver Medal as coach
2001 Attends the 45th annual London Sports Celebrity Dinner and Auction
2002 Named eighth greatest Winter Olympian by filmmaker Bud Greenspan
2002 Becomes assistant coach to the Russian Olympic Team

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