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Gene Tunney Biography

A Boxing New Yorker, First North America, Then The World, Chronology, The "battle Of The Long Count"SELECTED WRITINGS BY TUNNEY:


American boxer

Considered one of the giants of sports in the 1920s, Gene Tunney became heavyweight boxing champion of the world when he defeated Jack Dempsey in 1926. In a rematch with Dempsey in 1927, Tunney held on to his title in the hotly debated "battle of the long count,"

Gene Tunney

in which Tunney got the benefit of an extra long count when the referee, following standard boxing rules, refused to start the count until Dempsey returned to his corner. Known for his dispassionate, "scientific" boxing style, which involved a careful study of his opponents before he encountered them, Tunney suffered only one defeat in his career as a professional boxer. He was also the first heavyweight champion to retire as champion and not risk a comeback.


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Sketch by Michael Belfiore

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