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Cathy Turner

Active Retirement

Turner started her own fitness club in upstate New York after leaving competitive sports. She shot a number of fitness videos as well, which were nationally distributed. She's made a good business out of traveling around the country giving motivational speeches to corporate audiences as well as mental health charities and young athlete organizations. She's been the National Spokesperson for the Special Olympics World Games and the American Heart Association. Turner also put her singing talents to the test by singing the National Anthem at a Buffalo Bills home game and for President Clinton at the Xerox 100 Golden Olympians Gala.

Cathy "Burner" Turner's record as a short-track speedskater is impressive by any standard. Her victories in the 1992 and 1994 Olympics cemented her name, and nickname 'Turner Burner', in the annals of her sport. She stands as one of the most adorned female athletes in Winter Olympic history—with four medals total.

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