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Mike Tyson

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American boxer

He was one of the best, and he blew it. The youngest heavyweight champion in history, the most inspiring champ since Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson became the most notorious modern boxer when he went to jail for rape, and then, in his comeback tour, for biting off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear. Even before that, Tyson was the man who bragged about wanting to kill his opponents, to punch a man so hard his nose would go through his skull. It is tempting to see Tyson's story as a classic Greek tragedy, the same primal brutality that carried him to the top destroying him in the end. But Tyson was not a plaything for the gods and the Furies. At each step he had opportunities, chances not often given to

Mike Tyson

ghetto kids. And despite appearances, he was not stupid. He had a choice. And he blew it.


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Sketch by Robert Winters

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