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Alison Williamson - Dashed Hopes In Sydney

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Dashed Hopes in Sydney

Williamson approached her fourth Olympics, the 2000 Sydney Games, with high hopes. Having been briefly ranked top in the world before the Olympics but going into the Games officially listed as third, the near 30-year-old again represented Team BG. She started out with superb results, shooting a perfect ten with her final arrow to attain the last sixteen of the archery competition. She won 157-154 against Turkish player Elif Altinkaynak, hitting the 12.2 cm bull from a distance of 70 meters.

Competition intensified when Williamson faced off against South Korean favorite Kim Soo-Nyung, called by some the best archer in history. Kim had won gold at both the 1988 Seoul and 1992 Barcelona Games. Ironically, it was another South Korean, 17-year-old Yun Mi-Jin in the women's individual archery event who knocked medal hopeful Williamson out of the last sixteen with an Olympic record score of 173 for eighteen arrows. Williamson scored her best total of 164 in the Games and placed an overall tenth, while Yun, Kim, and fellow teammate Kim Nam-Soon took a Korean sweep of the medals.

Williamson is an intense competitor. She has a habit of waiting until the last moment before shooting her arrows in quick succession. To focus on her craft, Williamson employs a sports psychologist with whom she communicates frequently, and listens to tapes to help her concentrate and visualize matches. She is also an avid reader, and once was photographed nude in halflight for an exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery. Williamson is an honorary life member of the Long Mynd Archers society.


1971 Born November 3 in Melton Mowbray, Great Britain
1986 Represents the BG Junior Team
1988 Makes her senior BG Team debut
1991 Granted scholarship to Arizona State University in the US
1995 Graduates from Arizona State with a degree in social work

Alison Williamson excelled in archery throughout European competition and four Olympic games. She attributes her success in the demanding sport to concentration and establishing a balance between the physical and psychological. She noted in an article for Sports Illustrated for Women that archery requires patience, precision, and purity of movement—qualities she has mastered as evidenced by her many victories.

Awards and Accomplishments

1989 Junior European Championships, 3rd
1992 Barcelona Olympics, 8th
1992 European Championships, 2nd
1992 Won the Moet and Chandon Young Sportwoman of the Year award
1993 World Indoor Championships, 5th
1993 Arizona Cup International, 1st
1994 Vegas Shoot, 1st
1994 US Collegiate Champion, 1st
1994 European Grand Prix in Poland, 2nd
1994 World record score of 651, 72 Arrows, Olympic Round
1994 European record score of 165, 18 Arrows, Olympic Round
1994 European Championships, 12th
1996 European Championships, 5th
1996 European Grand Prix Rankings, 2nd
1996 Tournament of Nations (Germany), 1st
1996 Atlanta Olympics, 10th
1996 Best FITA 70m round score - 648, Atlanta, USA
1996 Best FITA Round - 1337, Eggenfelden
1997 Best 18 arrows - 169, Kyong Ju, Korea
1998 European Indoor Championships, British record
1998 Czech Republic Grand Prix, European record, 9th
1999 World Archery Championships in Riom, France, 2nd
1999 Cyprus European Grand Prix, 1st, best 12 arrows-113
1999 Grand Prix, Turkey, European record
1999 European Field Championships, Slovenia, 3rd place team
1999 Golden Targets, 2nd
2000 Sydney Olympics, 10th
2000 Arizona Cup, 2nd
2000 World ranking, 2nd place

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