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Helen Wills - Retirements And Comebacks

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Retirements and Comebacks

For six years, from 1927 until 1933, Wills did not lose a single set in competition. Then, in 1933 Wills came to Wimbledon nursing an injury: she had strained her back helping her husband, Moody, to build a stone wall. Wills lost one set to Helen Hull Jacobs, who was often dubbed "Helen the Second" due to her continual overshadowing by Wills, and did not play any more that day: she left the court and announced her retirement. Wills returned to the sport in 1935 just long enough to play Jacobs again at Wimbledon, defeating her and winning the title. Wills retired again, but returned once more in 1938. She played Jacobs at Wimbledon again, won, and then retired permanently.

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