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Bjorn Borg


1956 Born June 6 in Sodertalje, Sweden, to Rune and Margarethe Borg
1965 Father wins tennis racquet in table-tennis tournament, and gives racquet to Borg
1965 Takes first tennis lessons
1966 Meets Percy Rosberg, top coach in Sweden; trains with Rosberg in Stockholm
1967 Wins first junior tournament
1970 Represents Sweden in junior tournament, Berlin
1972 Scores first major win, against national tennis star Jan Erik Lundquist
1972 Qualifies for Davis Cup team; meets coach Lennart Bergelin
1973 Debuts at Wimbledon
1974 Turns pro; becomes youngest player to win French Open
1975 Sets Davis Cup record winning streak of 19 singles matches, lifting Sweden to first Cup win against Czechoslovakia
1976 Wins second of six consecutive French Open titles
1976 Wins first of five consecutive Wimbledon titles
1977 Becomes number one player in world, August 23; holds ranking for two weeks
1979-80 Begins and ends year with number one ranking
1980 Marries Romanian tennis player Mariana Simionescu
1981 Loses Wimbledon and U.S. Open titles to John McEnroe
1983 Retires at age 26
1984 Divorces Simionescu
1987 Creates sports-apparel company, Bjorn Borg Design Groups
1989 Marries Italian rock singer Loredana Berte
1990 Begins training for tennis comeback
1991 Attempts comeback unsuccessfully
1992 Separates from Berte
1993 Joins over-35 circuit
2000 Retires from senior circuit; begins training young Swedish players
2002 Marries real-estate broker Patricia Ostfeldt

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