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Bjorn Borg

Where Is He Now?

"My old life is behind me," Borg told Agence France Presse in 2002. The Swedish tennis legend declared that he had put an end to his partying and wild-oat sowing, preferring to stay quietly at home with his new wife, 35-year-old real-estate agent Patricia Ostfeldt, and their children. The couple married on June 8, 2002, on an island near Stockholm. Ostfeldt has two children from a former marriage, and Borg has one son, Robin, from a previous relationship with Swedish model Jannike Bjorling. (Robin attends a special tennis high school and ranks in the top 25 in his age group.) In September 2002, Borg and Ostfeldt announced that they were expecting a child the following May. They live in Stockholm.

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