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Bill Bradley - Selected Writings By Bradley:

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Life on the Run, Quadrangle, 1976.

The Fair Tax, Pocket Books, 1982.

Time Present, Time Past: A Memoir, Knopf, 1996.

Values of the Game, Artisan, 1998.

CSIS Task Force on the Multilateral Development Banks, CSIS, 1998.

Where Is He Now?

At the end of 2000, Bradley was named as managing director for the New York City investment bank Allen & Company, introducing him to yet another profession. His other business activities include serving as chief outside advisor to McKinsey & Company and sitting on the board of directors for Willis Group and Eastman Kodak. But when Bradley appeared in New Hampshire in the spring of 2002 during a series of appearances to support Democratic candidates, a Gannett News Service report named him as a possible presidential candidate in 2004. Former aide Ed Turlington commented that Bradley was likely just helping his friends, but others saw him as clearly evaluating the possibility of running again.

The Journey From Here, Artisan, 2000.

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