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Terry Bradshaw

Born Again

As he acknowledged in his first autobiography, Man of Steel, by 1974 Bradshaw felt like he was bottoming out. His first marriage to Melissa Babish had failed, his shoulder had been injured, and he was often sullen and depressed. The turnaround came when, according to his memoir, Bradshaw, already a born-again Christian, had a revelation: "I had separated myself from God. I lived only for Terry Bradshaw, not for God. I tried to be one of the boys and went to every honky-tonk I could find and chased women and behaved in a way that was totally alien to anything I had ever known before … my whole life was out of control … I was trying to be someone else and was doing a rotten job of it."

What happened to Bradshaw amounted to a second "conversion" experience. "I just put my head in my hands and began to cry and tremble all over and finally I blurted out, 'Here I am, God. I've tried to handle it all by myself and I just can't get the job done. So I'm placing my life in Your hands. I need some peace of mind and I know You can give it to me.'" The quarterback recalls feeling suddenly "stronger mentally and physically.… Being a starting quarterback didn't matter.… What mattered was that I was myself again and I was determined to stay that way."


1948 Born September 12 in Shreveport, Louisiana
1970 Graduates from Louisiana Technical University and is drafted number one by the Pittsburgh Steelers
1974 Victory in Super Bowl IX over the Minnesota Vikings
1975 Victory in Super Bowl X over the Dallas Cowboys
1978 Victory in Super Bowl XI over the Dallas Cowboys
1980 Victory in Super Bowl XIII over the Los Angeles Rams
1984 Retires from Steelers and joins CBS Sports as a game analyst
1989 Inducted into NFL Hall of Fame
1995 Joins Fox NFL Sunday as host

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