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Valerie Brisco-Hooks


1960 Born July 6 in Greenwood, Mississippi
1964 Moves with her family to the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles
1974 Brother Robert shot by stray bullet while jogging on Los Angeles track
1979 Stars in track and field at California-State Northridge
1981 Marries Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Alvin Hooks
1982 Gives birth to son Alvin Hooks, Jr.
1982 Gains 40 pounds a result of pregnancy, running career on hiatus
1982 Husband cut from Philadelphia Eagles
1983 Resume training under tutelage of Bobby Kersee
1983 Husband cut from Los Angeles Express of the United States Football League
1984 Wins 3 Gold Medals in the Los Angeles Olympics
1984 Appears on "Cosby Show" defeating Bill Cosby on final leg of a charity 4×400 meter relay race
1985 Begins speaking to Los Angeles school children about dangers of using drugs

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