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Marv Albert

Early Broadcasts

Albert started early in his pursuit of a career in broadcasting, with his first play by plays being about the performances of his hamsters. In the third grade, when assigned to write an essay about what he would like to be when he grew up, he wrote about his aspirations to become a broadcaster. Albert's teacher, who commented that being a broadcaster was a lofty ambition, did not appreciate that enthusiasm. Years later the teacher wrote a note to Albert congratulating him on proving her wrong.

Albert knew what he wanted and went for his goals with a vengeance. He was able to secure a position as the New York Dodger's office boy at the age of about fifteen. With that position Albert was able to use the press box whenever there was a game. He would cart his reel to reel on the subway to the ballpark each game and would do his own announcing of the games. Marv also earned an opportunity to work with the infamous Howard Cosell.

Albert's first big break was in 1963. He worked along side announcer Marty Glickman, doing the statistics for him. Albert would drive Glickman crazy because he would emulate everything he did, writes Albert in his book I'd Love to But I Have a Game. One night Glickman was unable to make it to the game due to a snow-storm,

Marv Albert

and that was when Albert was able to do his first broadcast for the Knicks. Two years later he became the regular play-by-play announcer.

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