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Paul Brown

A Storybook Beginning

Brown returned to Massillon as a football coach, and turned the club around. The school was seriously in debt, and less than 3,000 fans were attending each game. Although thousands of fans at a football game in the 1930s might seem like a lot, this was Ohio, where high school football is king. Had Brown remained only at the high school level, his reputation in Ohio lore would have remained solid. But he didn't stop there.

After nine years of high school coaching, and much to the relief of most every other high school coach in Ohio, Brown left. But he left having lost only one game in sixty as a coach at Massillon. There were now over 22,000 people coming to each home game. His legacy was not only with the football program. The money generated by the popularity of football helped build a new swimming pool and observatory, and it allowed the school to offer classes in speech and drama.

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